Our offer / Insurances services

In accordance with applicable legal provisions, the carrier’s liability for goods entrusted shall be limited. Depending on the mode of transport, it is as follows:
- in road transport: 8,33 SDR per kg
- in sea freight: 2 SDR per kg
- in rail transport: 17 SDR per kg
This means that in the case of damages or loss, the value of your goods is often not covered due to limited liability, meaning that the customer will not receive compensation for the full value of the goods.

In certain cases, we suggest to our customers to enter into CARGO insurance contract. We offer such a solution to all our customers as an additional service.
The insurance suggested by our experienced staff provides customers with insurance for the full value of the goods, i.e. cargo insured for the full value against damages and losses during shipping or transport according to the ICC ‘A’clause. Additionally, in sea transport, insurance may cover war risks, according to the Institute War Clauses (Cargo) 1.1.82.