News / Business Gazelle 2011

The advantage of the ranking is that it has been developed for small and medium-sized enterprises, for which other rankings are inaccessible.
The position in the ranking is determined by percentage increase in revenue which the company achieved over the last three years. It is the company ‘Coface Poland’ specialising in the collection and compilation of information about companies, which tabulates statistical data and draws up a report on behalf of the ‘Puls Biznesu’ (‘Business Pulse’) Magazine.

The Business Gazelle 2011 is a company that:
- was established before 2008 and has continued to operate ever since
- did not experienced any loss in the years 2008-2010
- experienced a significant growth in revenues from sales in the years 2008-2010
- its revenues from sales ranged between PLN 3 million and PLN 200 million in the base year 2008
-has disclosed, at least since 2008, financial performance information about the company, publishing it in the Official Gazette of the Republic of Poland or transferring it to the company ‘Coface Poland’ or the editorial team of the ‘Puls Biznesu’ (‘Business Pulse’) Magazine.